OVAL HEART JAPAN 活動コンセプト - concept


この OVAL HEART 活動はラグビーを愛する人々が、




  1. 賛同、参加
    このOVAL HEART 活動はラグビーで培った精神を基に、いかなる逆境においても協力し合う意志を表明宣言することです。そしてラグビーを愛する世界中の仲間達と一つになり、より大きな力を生むために賛同、参加するものです。
  2. 情報、行動
  3. 絆、チーム
  4. 拡大、世界
  5. 創造
    このマークを世界に共有し、世界中のラグビーに関わる方々に、このOVAL HEART活動を認識していただきましょう。そのためには、それぞれがチームメイトやラグビー仲間にこの活動とマークを広め、出来るだけ多くの人々にこの活動に参加していただきましょう。

  6. 多くの人たちがこの活動をマークや紹介で認知し、より大きなムーブメントを起こすことで、メンバーの輪がより広がります。いずれ、国境を越え世界が一つになり、そして、想像を超えるラグビーの発展とプライドを生むことに努めましょう。
  7. マークについて


OVAL HEART is an organization formed by those who are attached to Rugby Football. We are here to provide support for those who need to overcome adversities, including the severe earthquake and tsunami that struck the north-east coast of Japan on March 11.

The LOGO shown above, two rugby balls with wings, stands as a symbol of our activities. It will act as a missionary to spread out our mission and belief, so that when the time comes, we can stand up together and swiftly take action for our common interest.

We will initiate our activities to support the victims and reconstruct the affected areas of the East Japan earthquake and tsunami.As we move on, we will extend our activities world-wide.

We forsee the future in which all Rugby Nation, regardless of its country and nationality, taking action together to support those who are in need of aid.

Rugby experience is NOT required. If you share the same feeling, join us now!

Rugby: FOR ALL
*The acitivities of OVAL HEART will be in conjunction with JRFU (Japan Rugby Football Union)

  1. Support, Participate
    OVAL HEART here by express our willingness to help each other, even through the toughest situation, with the spirit that we fostered from Rugby.We hope to see you join us, along with the rest of rugby enthusiasts from all over the world, and show your support to help energize our activity.
  2. Inform, Act
    OVAL HEART office will occasionally request you to participate in our activities.We will rise and act swiftly 1) in a right time and 2) with a proper cause.
  3. Connect, Team
    "Team" will overcome most of the difficulties that one may not do so on its own. This is a lesson we often learn from the sport of Rugby.We hope to see greater number of people get connected through our activity, so that we can make a greater contribution to the world.
  4. Expand, World-wide
    We hope to expand our activity world-wide. We will fight against any adversities that we may face, regardless of the place the trouble may occur.Our team will strive to gather information and take action to help those suffering.
  5. Notify
    We hope to increase the awareness of OVAL HEART activity throughout the Rugby Nation world-wide.Please notify your rugby mates about our activity and symbol.
  6. Dream
    It is our dream to see countless of people acting on behalf of our symbol, creating a huge movement.We hope to see the world become borderless and the Rugby to develop beyond our imagination.
  7. Symbol
    Those who support OVAL HEART activity is free to use our symbol, with prior consent from OVAL HEART office.Lets increase the awareness of our symbol, rugby and value of our activity!